Nvohk featured in Brand & Branding
Friday, August 20, 2010

It seems the Nvohk brand identity has been a bit of hit with designers. It always draws a good response when I show it and for a time last year it did the rounds online, including a short interview on a logo gallery website (Logogala.com). Although I don't place much value on the celebration of a brandmark as a logo there is still a distinct feel-good factor when other designers laud one of my designs. This sense of appreciation really hits home when a publisher sees fit to print the same project in a high-production values design publication. In December last year, Monsa, a Spanish design book publisher, featured Nvohk in their book Brand & Branding. They also wanted to feature Pick n Pay but the hurdles we would have had to jump through to get permission would have made it an effort beyond the energy available at the time. So, for now, I'm pleased to be able to celebrate one of a number of publications featuring my work during the last year.

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