A digital platform
Monday, July 12, 2010

During the last couple of months I've been lying low; burying myself in the problems of how best to express my branding work and writing online. Before this I had rudimentary web skills and although I liked the simplicity and purity of my website I suspect the interface was too demanding for most visitors. A lot of my work was obscured by a logical but uninviting interface. It seems it was too simple a system for people who expect sophisticated web interfaces as standard.

And so, I now offer a new website, a website that shows as evidence the joys (and frustrations) of HTML, CSS and Javascript I've experienced. I also now appreciate why web designers and developers loathe Internet Explorer. I haven't addressed all the viewing problems but I'm satisfied with how my new website looks viewed using Internet Explorer. If you're a part of the 8% of visitors to my website who use Internet Explorer I strongly recommend you view this website with an up-to-date web-standards compliant browser such as Firefox and Chrome.

If you're a web aficiando don't expect too much under the hood. The framework is still HTML with CSS controlled elements and manual updates. Perhaps the integration of all the technologies is not the most elegant solution but I am confident that my new website showcases what I'm good at, brand identity origination, design and writing.