News back-log
Wednesday, July 14, 2010

I've developed a back-log of news since the beginning of the year. I had started building the current version of my website in January but got side-tracked by a few projects that I'll also cover in news posts to follow.

The news section of my previous website was dependent on Blogger's FTP blog feed system, which Blogger stopped supporting in May of this year. What this means is that instead of my news being neatly handled on my hosting provider's servers under my domain name it now exists entirely on Blogger's Blogspot service. At first I thought this was too much of a compromise but with the snappy new service combined with the benefits of XML feeds I am satisfied with the solution.

I've also gone through my news archive to indicate what content is no longer relevant. I intend to keep my news archives as an online record of my career for those interested in getting a better idea of my recent history and also as an expression of my general commitment to oppenness and transparency.